About Us

Maison Isidora is a curated women's vintage destination for jewelry, Home-decor and fashion. Inspired by the 21st century revolution of going back to basics with a sustainable approach.

Founded and curated by a woman in constant movement and proud promoter of individuality. She believes that fashion is the eye to the soul but also the key to a sustainable and more inclusive fashion market.

At Maison Isidora we re-construct the legacy of one of a kind vintage pieces by refurbishing and carefully curating them into small collections. We believe in reducing our Fashion carbon foot print and in building our legacy by starting the NoNewClothes Revolution.

The aim? making them the new luxury, leaving behind labels, fast fashion and focusing on curated mini collections that will last a lifetime in our wardrobes. 

All of our pieces have been carefully dry cleaned and inspected before packing and shipping. 

Our HQ are based in London, if you require any further information or have questions please contact us info@maisonisidora.com